Melissa Click: I was fired because I'm white

University of Missouri students had better head for their safe spaces immediately.  Their former professor, Melissa Click, just went off the diversity reservation.

You remember Click.  She's the teacher who, during a demonstration, tried to throttle the media and keep it from covering the event, asking students for "muscle" to help.

This incident led to her firing.  But now Click maintains that the reason she was fired was because...wait for it...she's white.

Washington Times:

Melissa Click, the former University of Missouri assistant professor who was fired after she tried to block a student journalist from covering a campus protest, suggested in a recent interview that her public termination was a matter of “racial politics.”

“This is all about racial politics,” she told The Chronicle of Higher Education in an interview published Sunday. “I’m a white lady. I’m an easy target.”

Ms. Click said Missouri’s Board of Curators fired her to send a message that the university and the state wouldn’t tolerate “black people standing up to white people,” the Chronicle reported. Ms. Click didn’t elaborate on how that would explain the termination of a white woman.

The Chronicle reported that Ms. Click’s “nerves are perpetually on edge” since her firing in February, “when she began moving out of her office in the dark so she wouldn’t run into anyone.”

She was suspended and eventually fired by the university after a now-viral video showed her trying to grab a camera from student Mark Schierbecker and calling for “some muscle” to remove him from an encampment of black student protesters. An assault charge against Ms. Click was dropped when she agreed to perform 20 hours of community service.

“While Ms. Click acknowledges that she was certainly frustrated that day, she says she was simply trying to protect the black student protesters,” The Chronicle reported. “Everything she has come to stand for since the video came out — intolerance, anger, mouthiness, and dismissiveness — is exactly the opposite of who she says she really is. Focusing on her behavior, she says, is a way to take attention away from the demands of Concerned Student 1950, the group of protesters.”

“I’m not a superhero,” Ms. Click told the newspaper. “I wasn’t in charge.”

“[But] when it got out of control,” she added, “I was the one held accountable.”

“I am a woman who made some mistakes trying to do what she thought was right,” she said.

She should have been fired for incoherence.  She was fired because she's a white woman and because the school administration didn't want black people standing up to white people?  Two entirely opposing trains of thought coming out of the mouth of a confused, clueless leftist.

I suppose that bit about "being on edge" and cleaning out her office in the dead of night so she wouldn't run into anybody is meant to elicit feelings of sympathy.  As far as most of us are concerned, she is getting off easy.  True justice would be visited upon her if she failed to teach another class ever again.

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