Blatant pro-Hillary propaganda masquerading as Associated Press news story

If anyone wants to see what Republicans are up against this fall, we only need to look at a news article by Associated Press writer Catherine Lucey entitled “For Clinton, Church Offers a Trusted Comfort Zone.”  This puff piece on Hillary is written as a news piece, not an opinion piece. When I think of Bill and Hillary lying and trashing Monica and other women who are to tell the truth about Bill, I have trouble thinking about faith and the church. When Hillary and Obama fabricate a story about a video instead of telling the truth about Benghazi and especially her lies to the families of those that died, the Ten Commandments do not come to mind. When Hillary gets over $200,000 for a speech and demands luxurious travel and hotel commendations while she complains about inequality it does not remind me of the “thou shall not covet” commandment. I look at the Clinton Foundation as a political slush fund for the Clinton family and supporters, not an...(Read Full Post)