CDC warned staff of health risks when treating the surge of illegal alien children

Judicial Watch has obtained emails through the Freedom of Information Act that show the Centers for Disease Control was concerned for the health and safety of their employees who were treating illegal alien children during the border surge of 2014. 

There was also concerns for the personal safety of CDC staff because notorious street gang MS-13 were brazenly going into shelters housing the illegals and recruiting.

A government official warned employees deploying for the influx of illegal immigrant minors about health and safety risks because the new arrivals would have tuberculosis and some were young adults—not children—like the Obama administration proclaimed, according to records obtained by Judicial Watch. “We might as well plan on many of the kids having TB,” states a June 26, 2014 guidance e-mail from a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) environmental health scientist, Alaric C. Denton, as the agency prepared to handle the crisis. “Most of these kids are not immunized, so we need to make sure all our staff are immunized.” Denton, who is stationed at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, predicts in the directive that the agency will be overwhelmed pretty quickly and that screening requirements will be hard to keep up with.

Judicial Watch had to sue the CDC’s umbrella agency, the Department of Health and Human Services, (HHS) for the records. Though chunks have been redacted, the documents contradict the Obama administration’s public statements dismissing possible health and safety risks created by the tens of thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) fleeing violence in Central America. The CDC official reveals in the documents obtained by JW as a result of the lawsuit that “some of these kids are not really kids they are young adults, and we should be wary of personal safety.” JWreported this early on, when the first group of UACs arrived through the Mexican border in the summer of 2014. Homeland Security sources directly involved with the mess told JW that holding centers were jam-packed, rampant with diseases and sexually active teenagers. A veteran Border Patrol officer who heads the agency’s Tucson sector quickly established that many of the UACs were not little kids but rather 17-year-olds with possible ties to gang members in the U.S.

Weeks later JW reported that the nation’s most violent street gangs—including Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13—were actively recruiting new members at U.S. shelters housing illegal immigrant minors. A high-level Homeland Security source told JW the gangs used Red Cross phones at the shelters to communicate with the new recruits.

There were similar warnings at the time from Texas health officials who were on the front lines of the crisis. But the Obama administration dismissed these concerns despite knowing full well that there were real dangers health care workers were being exposed to.

Now that another surge of illegal aliens from Central America is underway, will the Obama administration be honest with the public and warn us of the risks? The public health is endangered when hundreds of thousands of illegals from third world countries, carrying with them third world diseases, arrive here unannounced. And once again, the US is ill-prepared to receive them.

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