Voters punish Germany's Merkel for refugee policies

Elections in three German states have resulted in big losses for Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrat coalition while boosting the fortune of the anti-immigration party Alternative For Germany. The results give Merkel far less room to maneuver as she now looks to strike a deal with Turkey to stem the flow of migrants. Reuters: "These results are a serious rebuke for Merkel and the most pronounced protest vote we've seen so far," said Holger Schmieding, an analyst at Berenberg Bank. The result in the two western states was the worst-case scenario for Merkel, who has staked her legacy on her decision to open Germany's doors to over 1 million migrants last year. But she still looks set to run for a fourth successive term as chancellor, with no real challenger for the right to lead her party into next year's federal election. "The result will increase the noise within the CDU and constrain the government's options on migrants...(Read Full Post)