Do Mexican flag-wavers know what happens to illegals in Mexico?

On Friday night, we saw Sanders placards and a few communist flags at that anti-Trump rally.  I guess you'd expect that at a leftist rally with Bill Ayers in attendance.  

It was the Mexican flags that caught my attention.  

I don't know for sure who was holding the flags, but my reaction was the same.  In other words, do these kids understand how Mexico treats illegal immigrants or even legal foreigners engaged in politics?   

Let's take a look at Mexico's immigration laws:

What would Mexico do? The answer is easy: deport them on the spot. In 2002, a dozen American college students, in Mexico legally, participated peacefully in an environmental protest against a planned airport outside of Mexico City. They swiftly found themselves deported as law-breakers for interfering in Mexico’s internal affairs.

Another person had a sign that read: "Liberation not deportation."

What in the world does that mean?  Does the young woman understand that every country has immigration laws and deports people violating them?

Donald Trump is not my candidate.  He has made some foolish remarks over time, especially his in-your-face campaign talking point that Mexico will pay for the wall.  The "rapists" and "criminals" lines painted way too many people with the same brush. 

At the same time, opposing a Trump visit by waving a Mexican flag shows incredible ignorance of Mexico and what Trump is saying.

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