Historian: AP collaborated with the Nazis in 1930s

A paper published Wednesday in the journal Studies in Contemporary History alleges that the Associated Press had a close relationship with the Nazi propaganda office in the 1930s.  Historian Harriet Scharnberg writes that the AP was able to continue operating in Germany long after most other media outlets had been booted out. USA Today: The AP agreed to abide by the Nazi "editor's law," forbidding any publication "calculated to weaken the strength of the Reich abroad or at home," according to The Guardian, which first reported on the research Wednesday. The news agency also hired reporters who worked in the Nazi party's propaganda division, including photographer Franz Roth, who was in the propaganda unit of the SS and whose photos were approved by Hitler himself. Scharnberg also contends the AP allowed the use of its photographs in antisemitic propaganda, including the publications "The...(Read Full Post)