How we got into this mess, and what will happen next

Once upon a time, there was a government founded upon the idea that the people govern themselves, and that in order to do so, those people elect representatives, who are responsible to the voters.  In other words, the voters govern themselves through representation.

Then something went terribly wrong.  To make a long story short, the government stopped responding to the will of the people.  It had more important things to do, all of which entailed representing not the voters, but its own ranks.  Getting re-elected was the primary goal of elected representatives.  Getting rich was second on the list.  The representatives excelled at both.

Only rarely did an incumbent who ran for re-election fail.  This was because the incumbents had lots of money in their campaign coffers.  The people who gave them that money expected lots of things in return, and they got them.

The representatives learned how to pass laws none of them bothered to read, much less understand.  So long as they got their money and perquisites, who cared what the law was?

The voters began to notice this.  As the national debt continued to rise beyond reason, they demanded that the representatives stop wasting their tax dollars and stop borrowing even more.  But the representatives knew that they had to please their donors, and so they kept spending and borrowing, even after they had promised not to.  "Just vote for me," they said, "and I will put an end to all this corruption."  They lied.

At first, the voters began electing replacements, ousting the incumbents, in the hopes that the new representatives would represent the voters.  A few did, but most of the new representatives were exactly like the old ones.  They lied, they cheated, and they stole.

Finally, the voters had had enough.  They decided that they needed to wreck the corrupt system.  To begin this process, they began promoting so-called "outsiders," in the hopes that the outsiders would demolish the system.  Those already in the system finally took notice.  They began to plot and scheme to keep power, heedless of the fact that it was they who had turned the voters against them.

In the meantime, the Democrats are promoting a candidate known to be a liar and a cheat, whose policies got innocent people killed.  Why do they support her?  Because they have no clue.  They cannot name even two members of the Supreme Court, even though they can name every celebrity and every sports star in the country.  Other Democrats are promoting a self-declared socialist, for much the same reason.

On the Republican side, the frontrunner is a former businessman and celebrity himself, whose main election strategy is to insult, bluster, and defame.  He promises to put an end to the most obvious stupidities of the incumbents.  Why do his supporters promote him?  Because they hate the establishment.

The party conventions will occur a few months from now, and nobody knows what will happen.  It is very possible that the Republican Party will split into at least two parts.  It is somewhat possible that the Democrats will also divide.  It is also possible that the Democrat candidate will become a convicted felon, but her supporters will vote for her anyway.  On the other hand, Hillary knows where Obama buried all the bodies, so to speak, which is why she said that if she goes to jail, she will not be the only one.  It is therefore unlikely that she will be indicted.

Will there be an insurrection?  I almost hope so.  I'm very angry.