War between Bush and Rubio moves to South Carolina

Both the Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio campaigns are on life support, and most observers believe that one or both will not make it out of South Carolina. But before someone pulls the plug on both campaigns, I'd recommend you pop some popcorn and watch the fur fly, because it's going to get bloody in South Carolina over the next ten days. Politico: "South Carolina is gonna be a bloodbath. Jeb and his people wanted to attack Marco in New Hampshire about abortion? Let’s see how that plays down there. And then there’s Common Core,” one Rubio adviser said. Bush’s campaign late Tuesday circulated a memo showing it would go after Kasich and Rubio who “has demonstrated no respect for the nomination process and expects this to be a coronation.” “Jeb’s people want to call this a victory but it’s not. What this is: a symptom of everyone training their guns on Marco and the media looking to take him down a...(Read Full Post)