Sanders attempting to break Hillary’s hold on black vote by meeting with Sharpton today

Now that he has utterly vanquished Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders’s next challenge is South Carolina, where black voters represent a majority of the Democrat base.  Supposedly, that state will function as Hillary’s firewall – assuming blacks stay loyal to the Clinton Machine.

Sanders understands that, and so he is meeting today with Al Sharpton, at the symbolically important Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem.  As Goldie Taylor of the Daily Beast reminds us:

 … by meeting with Sharpton at Sylvia’s Restaurant—the very place then-Sen. Barack Obama sat down with the preacher in 2008—Sanders is sending a message to Clinton forces: Don’t sleep.

Unquestionably, Sharpton will be using Sanders as leverage to extract promises of favors from Hillary.  If she is elected, she can deliver all sorts of goodies.  But if not, she has the vast wealth of the Clinton Foundation to use in rewarding Sharpton with grants, travel, and showcasing.

On the other hand, Sharpton may find the “outside interloper” Sanders interesting, despite his long track record of anti-Semitism.  Sharpton wants to back a winner, and Hillary has a track record of declining in the polls; the more people see of her, the less they like her.  A shakeup of her campaign staff will do nothing to fix this.

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