Trump and the DREAMers

The other day Neo-neocom caught something the media has mostly ignored.  Trump had this exchange with a reporter, who was referring to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, The children allowed into America under this program as usually called dreamers. Trump's supporters may find the exchange interesting. REPORTER: Um, there are over a hundred thousand young people known as DREAMers. TRUMP: Yeah. REPORTER: Who have the deferred action given to them by the Obama administration. TRUMP: Sure. I think it’s great. That was about it on the actual subject of DACA, because then Trump went on an extended riff about other people in this country—especially young black people—needing to be able to dream as well. When the reporter asked him again whether he would revoke Obama’s deferred action (although the only thing he’d said about it thus far was “it’s great”) Trump then replied “I’ll look into...(Read Full Post)