Poll: Most Texans want Muslims banned and illegals deported

A new poll conducted February 12-19 by the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune indicates that support for stricter immigration policies is hardening among voters in the Lone Star State. Only 18% of respondents strongly agreed with the statement that newcomers from other countries enrich Texas with their hard work and values.  An equal proportion (16%) strongly disagreed. A majority (53%) of those polled said illegal immigrants currently living in the United States should be immediately deported, with just 23% strongly disagreeing. Similar majorities oppose so-called “sanctuary cities” for illegal immigrants (59% disapprove, 21% support) and the acceptance of Syrian refugees even if they have undergone a security clearance (51% disapprove, 21% approve). More Texans support (46%) banning Muslims from entering the United States than oppose the policy (41%).  Only 22% of the survey participants strongly oppose a Muslim entrance ban at the U.S....(Read Full Post)