Reagan is still trouncing Obama on economic growth

By mid-2013, it was already abundantly clear that President Barack Obama's economic growth record was trailing well behind that of former President Ronald Reagan. But in September 2014, some at Forbes were attempting to characterize economic history in favor of Obama, although this was easily rebutted.

With the recent quarterly release of economic data from the Federal Reserve, the disparity between these two presidents has grown even more clear.

Over equivalent time frames, Reagan grew real per capita GDP 106% faster than Obama. By this time in his presidency, Reagan's performance on real per capita disposable personal income was 157% better than Obama's.

Far from seeing any late-term acceleration in economic growth under President Obama, the American economy continues to sputter at one of the lowest growth rates in modern U.S. history.

For much of Obama's time in office, his supporters pointed to the better performance of the stock markets compared to Reagan. However, in recent months this lead has evaporated.

Reagan and Obama are now effectively tied for how the Dow Jones performed under their respective presidencies, and Obama's lead on the S&P 500 is rapidly declining. The markets have clearly peaked in recent months under Obama in a pattern that suggests a longer-term structural correction is in play.

Unless a recovery is in order, Obama looks destined to lose one -- or both -- of these market indicators to Reagan as well before next January, which would make it nearly a clean economic sweep for Reagan.