The ongoing shakeup in the right-of-center mediascape

The continuing lead of non-establishment candidates in the GOP primary race is causing an ever-increasing shakeup among the popularity of right-of-center media websites.

Based on website ranking tools, conservative and libertarian sites have greatly increased in U.S. popularity over the past few months.

WorldNetDaily has established itself in the top 10.

The Washington Examiner has entered the top 20 and the Weekly Standard and Redstate have both re-entered the top 30 after major drops in popularity during late 2015.

American Thinker is in a tie for 27th with Reason and Redstate.

The current rankings:

1. Fox News

2. Forbes

3. Conservative Tribune

4. (tie) Drudge Report / Wall Street Journal

6. Western Journalism

7. Breitbart

8. (tie) WorldNetDaily / The Blaze

10. (tie) The Daily Caller / Newsmax

12. Independent Journal Review

13. National Review

14. Washington Times

15. Young Conservatives

16. (tie) Bizpac Review / Allen West

18. (tie) Townhall / Washington Examiner / PJ Media

21. Rare

22. Hot Air

23. The Federalist Papers Project

24. Investor’s Business Daily

25. (tie) Gateway Pundit / The Weekly Standard

27. (tie) Reason / American Thinker / Redstate

30. (tie) Free Republic / The Federalist

32. (tie) CNS News / Top Right News / Rush Limbaugh Show

35. (tie) Twitchy / Right Wing News

37. (tie) Newsbusters / The Daily Signal / Heritage Foundation

40. Washington Free Beacon / Power Line

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