New York is falling down

Tonight I walked onto the subway and saw the car was half-empty because a stinking bum was lying on a seat, and no one wanted to smell him. Rome fell.  New York is falling down.  It is filled with illegalities and filth as a result of the good intentions and failed ideas of liberals.  Politicians pretend to want the best while they deliver the worst. De Blasio and New York City Council speaker Melissa Mark-Mark-Vivirito have decriminalized public urination and quality-of-life offenses.  Are they kidding?  De-civilizing a beautiful city is not a positive.  It is a fall from grace. The Broken Windows theory states that small crimes lead to major crimes.  De Blasio and Mark-Vivirito should study sociology.  Their ignorance is ruining our city. They pretend to be kind to the poor while they destroy their lives and leave them scantily clothed with no toilet paper on street corners.  They whisper sweet things in bums ears while...(Read Full Post)