Hoary old Bill making liberals sweat

Brit Hume, speaking on FOX News, noted that Bill Clinton is now an elderly man – a thought that I'll wager has been going through many American minds since last Monday night, when Hillary gave her post-caucus acceptance...er, victory speech in Iowa.  While much of the television audience was focused on the fuming candidate, many were mesmerized by an airhead Clinton voter in the crowd behind the podium.  The young man was upstaging madam secretary by trying to lick her campaign stickers off his cheeks.  But many, including me, were fixed on and fascinated by the former president standing behind his podium-pounding partner.

The visage that Bill wore for much of that harangue was truly revealing – more like something you'd see in a nursing home day room than on a presidential campaign stage.  His head drooped, and his mouth frequently gaped open in what almost appeared to be a slack-eyed but leering old geezer smile directed towards his partner's back.  If it was in fact a leering smile directed at Hillary, then America likely witnessed something that hasn't occurred since before their marriage, and we can pretty well take that as evidence that Ol' Bill has lost it.

But seriously, I was fascinated watching that drooping lower lip.  I said to my better half, "Watch babe, watch him, he's gonna drool any minute."  Watch the video yourself, and you'll see what I'm talking about: that mouth hangs open for most of the first four minutes of her speech in contrast to all the other folks behind, who politely have theirs closed in that very public settingwith a live television audience.  We were sorely disappointed when the drool failed to materialize, as, I'm sure, were all those laying bets around the country.

To further sear that geriatric image into our brains, in another broadcast this week Bill's hands were obviously palsied, another common affliction in the elderly.  Others noted that he'd worn his Hillary pin upside-down at the post-caucus speech.  So it's not surprising to hear Hume and a few others in the news refer to the ex-prez's advanced age, even though he is a few years younger than your scribe.  But then, yours truly is not out trying to steal the youth vote back from an undisguisably septuagenarian socialist who actually seems a bit spryer than Old Willie.  Those Democrat strategists who had counted on Bill's aw-shucks, down-home Arkansas charm to rope in the vote for his undeniably less likable other half must be having some tremors themselves as they ponder putting Old Bill in front of meeting halls full of much younger voters who may balk at the idea of the White House becoming a senior center.

And it's all over for sure the first time Bill actually drools.  He'll be outta that campaign quicker than a dirty Depends.

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