Happy to see that the governors did well

As I told a friend weeks ago, I'd rather vote for a governor for president.    Governors run states.  In some cases, those states are bigger than most countries.    Florida, Ohio, and New Jersey have huge GDPs and face the kind of challenges that a strong executive can not overlook.  Just ask the governor of Michigan about the water crisis in Flint. So I was happy to see that the governors did well last night.  I agree with Dan Balz: Christie was the relentless prosecutor. Bush was knowledgeable and, in contrast to some earlier performances, tough and direct. Ohio Gov. John Kasich carved out space as a candidate ready and willing to work across party lines. Every governor did well and proved that governing is complicated and the best training for the Oval Office. I love Senator Rubio and voted for Senator Cruz in Texas, but they have never run anything of consequence.  I'd love to see them serve as governor of...(Read Full Post)