BBC and Mohammed: The odd couple

Why does the BBC style guide treat Jesus and Mohammed so differently?  Andrew Bolt of The Herald-Sun in Australia asks a great question:

So when will the BBC style guide decree that Christ should at first mention be referred to as “the Saviour Christ”, and either “Christ” or “the Savior” at second reference?

Or do double standards apply?

Journalists at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) should refer to the Islamic prophet, Mohammed, as “the Prophet”, according to the corporation’s in-house style guide. Under the section labelled “Muhammad”, the guide says: “For the founder of Islam, our style is the Prophet Muhammad; at second reference Muhammad or the Prophet.

The odd thing is that Britain has a state religion, and it is not Islam.

But then again, Christians are not renowned for rioting over perceived insults to their Lord.

Hat tip: John McMahon

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