State Department bureaucrats beginning to turn on Hillary?

The revelation last week that the State Dept. has discovered thousands of documents highly relevant to the Benghazi investigation can mean only one thing.  The permanent civil servants have now become more fearful of being left holding the bag for Hillary in the form of a perjury charge in Judicial Watch’s document case than of pressure from above to stonewall. Evidence for perjury charges charges in blocking release of documents might be discovered by the next administration, and the certainty of Hillary Clinton running that next administration has been severely diminished.  The State Department bureaucrats now fear the possible charges more than any potential retaliation from the White House in the waning days of Obama’s administration.  They probably informed the White House and maybe received approval, but I doubt it will continue to matter soon what the W.H. says.  As John Kerry gets tired of holding the line for Hillary on releases, more...(Read Full Post)