Missing from Dem candidates' top priorities: National security

What can the American people expect the top priorities will be if a Democratic candidate is elected president?

An issue that apparently doesn't interest the Dems much is national security.

Washington Examiner:

The three candidates were asked what their top three priorities would be if elected president, and ignored national security despite growing fears that terrorist might slip into the United States, and that the country might be pulled into a long-term war overseas.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who is running as a Democrat, said his priorities would be healthcare for everyone, a $15 minimum wage, and creating new jobs through infrastructure spending.

Clinton named economic issues like jobs and equal pay for women, building on Obamacare, and finding ways to unite the country and end the "mean-spiritedness" seen in the last several years.

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley listed higher wages and letting illegal immigrants work, climate change, and a "new agenda" for U.S. cities.

All three candidates see national security – including fighting the Islamic State – as an afterthought.  O'Malley and Sanders are isolationists, Hillary Clinton less so.  But with the world melting down, one would think that an American president would believe that protecting the homeland would be a top priority. 

This is why Democrats claim that combatting climate change is a matter of "national security" – a supercilious notion that bears no relationship with reality.  It's an attempt to change the definition of "national security" to suit a political agenda – something liberals are wont to do when they are losing on an issue.

Here's a video of their responses: