Mark Levin declares war on Donald Trump?

Mark Levin has been trying to stay out of the conflict between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  He says he likes both men and has both on his show.  But as Trump has escalated his birther attacks on Cruz, Levin has spent hours of airtime defending Cruz against these arguments...while studiously not mentioning who is making these arguments. Well, it looks as though Levin has finally had enough, because, of which he is editor in chief, has published a piece (that Levin has tweeted a link to) that exposes Donald Trump's political inconsistencies, point by point. Entitled Trump's Questionable Political History, the article talks about how Trump met with illegal alien activists in 2013 and said he was "convinced" to support amnesty.  The article also quotes Trump saying he wanted to "expedite" the return of illegal aliens into the country and notes a quote that Trump simply had no opinion either way on the "Gang of...(Read Full Post)