Trump and the Coal Miner's Daughter

Country music is the music for much of working-class America, and for many of those who make up that great mass of humanity, 83-year-old Loretta Lynn is the reigning Queen of Country Music now that the great Kitty Wells is no longer with us.  Last week, Lynn publicly announced that she was supporting Donald Trump for the presidency in 2016.  In fact, she says she has been passing on that message of support to her audiences at the closing of her concerts for some time now, and it is being very well-received.  What's more, the Coal Miner's Daughter, so named for her huge 1970 hit of the same name, has publicly invited Donald to give her a call if he wants her support for his campaign.

Now if Donald is smart – like a fox comes to mind – he ought to jump on that offer like the proverbial chicken on a June bug.  A very large segment of working-class Americans, including many of those affiliated with politically corrupt, Democrat-controlled unions, are Reagan Democrats, especially in blue or purple states.  Those are folks for whom a folksy message from a coal miner's daughter might have a populist attraction that a New York City billionaire's overtures might lack.  Some political analysts are already hinting at possible defections from this blue-collar Democrat cohort, so quite possibly Ms. Lynn can seal the deal with her country appeal.

Donald, if you read American Thinker, as surely you do, take out your phone this very minute and call Loretta to take her up on that offer.  Then pay some lyricist in Nashville to rewrite some lyrics so that throughout your 2016 campaign against Hillary, we can hear Ms. Loretta singing your campaign anthem:

You ain't woman enough to beat my man.