Mark Levin declares war on Donald Trump?

Mark Levin has been trying to stay out of the conflict between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  He says he likes both men and has both on his show.  But as Trump has escalated his birther attacks on Cruz, Levin has spent hours of airtime defending Cruz against these arguments...while studiously not mentioning who is making these arguments.

Well, it looks as though Levin has finally had enough, because, of which he is editor in chief, has published a piece (that Levin has tweeted a link to) that exposes Donald Trump's political inconsistencies, point by point.

Entitled Trump's Questionable Political History, the article talks about how Trump met with illegal alien activists in 2013 and said he was "convinced" to support amnesty.  The article also quotes Trump saying he wanted to "expedite" the return of illegal aliens into the country and notes a quote that Trump simply had no opinion either way on the "Gang of 8" amnesty bill that Marco Rubio is being so criticized for.

The article also cites how on September 8 of last year, Trump was for bringing in Syrian refugees, but he changed his mind on the 9th.

Here's what author Daniel Horowitz also wrote:

Conservatives need to know if Donald Trump is really the man who will put Americans first and demolish the "dummies" in Washington or if his lack of a coherent philosophy will lead him to reflexively parrot the very politically correct talking points he so vehemently assails and yet has so often adopted.  Is Trump who we think he is on immigration or is he pragmatically trying to tap into a frustration to win the primary with a plan to revert to his original talking points after winning? 

Horowitz also has other interesting quotes about Mitch McConnell:

In one of the biggest ironies of this political cycle, Trump has long praised Mitch McConnell, the man who is the embodiment of why people are fed up with the party and attracted to Trump in the first place.  While conservatives were fighting to get rid of McConnell in the 2014 primaries, Trump said, "It would be a shame if he didn't win, because he has such power, it's so good for his state."

And Horowitz's exposes Trump's philosophy on affirmative action, abortion, and judges:

A few months later, Trump attacked Scalia, saying he was being "very tough" on "that community" for poking legal holes in the arguments for affirmative action for black students.  What happened to the man who hates political correctness and the elites?

Isn't it fair to ask what sort of judges he would appoint?  He seems to strongly vouch for his sister's ability as a judge on the Third Circuit Court of appeals, even though she is a radical leftist.  While we certainly don't expect him to personally attack his sister, he certainly didn't sound like he disagreed with her left-wing politics on abortion. 

The article also highlighted Trump's support for a single-payer national health care.

Now, it is true that Mark Levin didn't write this article, but it could not have been published without his approval, and he actively linked to it.  Mark Levin is the intellectual dean of the conservative movement, having served in the Reagan administration as chief of staff to the attorney general and having fought liberals and RINOs for decades.  No one has more solid conservative credentials than Levin.

If conservatives start to turn on Donald Trump, do you think cross-registering independents and Democrats, where Trump polls strongest, will come out in enough numbers to help him win in the primaries?

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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