Manning in Super Bowl: Character wins!

My wife's eyes typically glaze over whenever I talk about sports.  I prefaced my comments by stating this is not about sports.  It's about life.  She politely listens.  I will keep it succinct, folks, the way I explained to Mary.  I am delighted that veteran quarterback, Peyton Manning will be in the Super Bowl. In a nutshell, Manning had an extremely difficult season – a few poor performances; injuries; unfair news stories attacking his character; and, most humiliating, being benched.  The multiple MVP winner and Super Bowl winner was reduced to the position of “backup” quarterback. Never did we hear a single word of complaint.  Instead, Manning diligently worked to regain his health and keep his arm ready to play.  When asked by a reporter about his progress, Manning said he felt good and was throwing the ball at targets.  A sports announcer said that if Manning was really ready to play, the coaches...(Read Full Post)