Frau Merkel’s other disastrous policy

A softheaded chancellor is in the process of ruining Germany.  Angela Merkel is turning the very same Germany that rebuilt itself from wartime devastation into the world’s economic powerhouse, peacefully unified with communist East Germany and rebuilt it, and modeled a conversion to a democratic federal system.

But now, in addition to adding a million young mostly male Muslims (and with “family reunification,” millions more to follow) last year and insisting on adding more, with the result that German females face rape predation, Frau Merkel is ruining the economy.  We all know the unfortunate result of economic ruin on Germany in the early part of the last century, so even those who resent Deutschland should not revel in schadenfreude.

She is doing this by buying into the global warming fraud and the anti-nuclear hysteria that followed the Fukushima reactor meltdown, itself the product of an old design that should have been decommissioned years earlier and a historic tidal wave produced by a major earthquake.

Bruno Waterfield reports in the U.K. Telegraph:

“For me, the most urgent problem is the design of the energy revolution,” said the German Chancellor in her first television interview after being re-elected last month. “We are under a lot of pressure. The future of jobs and the future of Germany as a business location depend on it.”

She is not wrong: Europe’s largest country and economy faces a crisis. Such is the mess over energy that the future of Germany’s much-vaunted economic competitiveness is now seriously threatened. (snip)

… despite Germany’s shift to renewable solar and wind energies, and amid a recession, its carbon emissions rose by 1.8pc last year. (snip)

Germany’s shift to renewables was very much along the norms of the European model, with the aim of going beyond EU targets. Then along came Fukushima and the wave of anti-nuclear hysteria that followed the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

The once-in-a-millennium event at the Fukushima reactor killed nobody, although the tsunami claimed 16,000 lives. However, it was enough to panic Germany’s green middle class.

Ms Merkel caved in to shrill demands for the country’s atomic reactors to be closed. (snip)

Germany has also stepped up energiewende, as it switches to meet a target of producing 80pc of the country’s electricity from renewable, wind and solar power by 2050. The fields carpeted with solar panels and the North Sea wind farms may have gratified the green conceits of Germany’s middle class but they have come at a terrible economic and social cost. According to Nature, the international science magazine, this year German consumers will be forced to pay €20bn (£17bn) to subsidise electricity from solar, wind and bio-gas plants, power with a real market price of €3bn.

To pay for this green adventure, surcharges on electricity for households have increased by 47pc, or €15bn, in the past year alone. (snip)

German industry is in trouble. Energy prices are 40pc more expensive than in France and the Netherlands, and the bills are 15pc higher than the EU average. Even though Germany’s energy-intensive manufacturing sector is given a break with reduced levies, industries such as chemicals and steel are among the hardest hit….

Frau Merkel resembles California’s elderly hippy Governor Jerry Brown, who has imposed huge “green energy” surcharges on consumers and industry mostly through mandates that utilities utilize expensive “renewable” energy and pass along the cost.  Thanks to these and other liberal policies, California leads the nation in the percentage of impoverished residents.  Germany may well follow this pattern.

Hmm...Germans finding their livelihoods under threat and reacting to foreign elements that threaten their safety and security...

What could go wrong?

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