Trump and FDR

Donald Trump’s announcement that he would put a temporary hold on Muslim immigration until the government can get its act together has been greeted with the expected howls and cringes.  Both Democrats and Republicans have rushed to denounce him in increasingly strident terms.  You can almost see the words “fascist” and “Nazi” forming on the sputtering lips of liberal pundits and candidates. Of course, the much closer comparison is with liberal hero President Franklin Roosevelt’s policy of detention of Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor.  Trump is asking for a hold only on people who aren’t in the country yet, so we need to ask ourselves who the fascist is. Politicians of all stripes are scrambling to microphones to pander to interest groups in an effort to garner more votes.  Is a temporary hold on immigrants from countries like Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Yemen really the worst thing we’ve...(Read Full Post)