Obamas to vacation in Hawaii for 8th straight year

Fresh from selling out U.S. sovereignty and agreeing to spend untold millions transferring U.S. wealth to others and increasing heating and other costs for Americans through a liberal-praised Global Agreement to Combat Climate Change (sic!),  President Barack Obama (D) announced:

Obamas To Spend 8th Straight Christmas In Hawaii

In the past, the family has opted for the east side of the island of Oahu, in the upscale town of Kailua, about 45 minutes from tourist-heavy Waikiki. Their lodging has included a stunning $3,500-a-day, beachside rental home. (snip)

A Kailua resident told Honolulu TV station KHON2 on Thursday that he noticed Secret Service in the area and received a flyer detailing the security zone for Kailua Bay.

Additionally, the Federal Aviation Administration has issued temporary flight restrictions in the area from Dec. 19 to Jan. 4. 

On Friday, Obama treated all federal employees to an early Christmas present -- more time with family and friends. His executive order closes federal offices on the afternoon of Christmas Eve and allows employees the time off with pay. 

For the geographically challenged, Hawaii is not close to Washington DC, necessitating a

 l-o-o-o-ng flight on the presidential planes, all dumping carbon emissions along  the way. Obama's very agreement mentioned above claims carbon emissions are evil and should be reduced. For everyone else apparently, not the Obamas.

According to the British site Daily Mail, we learn a few facts about the president's past Hawaiian presidential vacation jaunts.  For some reason, the American press doesn't mention them much.

President Obama generally spends his time on the golf course or working out at a local Marine Corps base.

He and the first lady usually make a special trip to the base to to wish the troops stationed there a Merry Christmas and to thank them for their service.

Their previous trips up to 2014 have lasted between two and two-and-a-half weeks and cost taxpayers roughly $4million, government watchdogs have estimated, even with the Obamas paying for their own accommodation, which cost them $56,000 in 2013.

Taxpayers picked up the tab for as at least seven other homes in the area that Secret Service and White House staff stayed in, however.

A 2012 trip cost even more - $7million - Watchdog.org found, after the president accompanied his family to Honolulu, Hawaii, for five days, then rushed back to Washington to help negotiate a deal to keep the country from falling off the 'fiscal cliff.' 

Hmmm.  But...but...while the First Couple visits Armed Forces personnel in between golfing rounds, what about Hawaii and its air?  According to the Obama government site, The Threat of Carbon Pollution: Hawaii:


In 2011, power plants and major industrial facilities in Hawaii emitted more than 9 million metric tons of carbon pollution—that’s equal to the yearly pollution from more than 1.9 million cars. 

Recent incidents provide a reminder of the impacts to our public health and costs due to extreme weather in Hawaii. Although we cannot say that climate change is responsible for any individual event, climate change is already increasing our risks from these events.

  The US Department of Agriculture designated 31 counties in Hawaii as primary natural disaster areas due to damages and losses from drought in 2012.

  In March 2012, Oahu experienced its largest hailstorm on record. Severe storms and flooding in December 2008 impacted 541 residences and required over $4.6 million in Federal assistance for cleanup and recovery. Hawaii’s hurricane losses from 1957-1995 surpassed $2.7 billion. In 1992, the most powerful storm to hit Hawaii, Hurricane Iniki, caused seven deaths and $2 billion in damage. Storms in late 2003 and early 2004 inundated many Hawaiian businesses with several feet of water, and the December 2003 storm alone caused an estimated $20 million in damages.

  In Hawaii, there were over 1,000 hospital admissions for asthma in 2011, with an average charge of over $21,800 for each stay. 

But no matter.  Fish gotta swim, the Obamas gotta fly.  He's gonna do this, 'til our freedoms die.  Agreements (not treaties, which need congressional approval) be damned!  For the Obamas, that is.   

For us peasants, higher prices all around.