No-go zones in America?

Muslim immigration to Europe has produced so-called “no-go zones” for police and fire departments in cities with large Muslim populations, including suburban areas of Paris and large sections of Malmo, Sweden.  Hostility is such that public safety officers fear lethal attacks from a population that seeks to live outside the corrupt law of the infidel.

But before we Americans feel any superiority, consider the home-grown variant.  This is from Second City Cop, a blog written by a Chicago officer who anonymously goes behind the news headlines and tells readers what is really going on:

Five people were seriously hurt Saturday in Englewood when a stolen car fleeing the police crashed into a van, the police said.

It happened around 5:45 p.m. when the car ran a stop sign and hit a van with eight people inside at 71st Street and Carpenter Avenue, according to the police.

When police caught up with the fleeing felons and attempted to put them under arrest while summoning and rendering aid to the eight other injured parties, do you think the neighborhood turned out to assist?  Or even just gawk?  Nope.  They began to bottle and brick the police and squad cars, necessitating a rather large call-out of manpower.

Even more strangely, not a word of this attack on the police by the bystanders made it to either major newspaper.  Why is that, do you suppose?

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