Thinking about Muslims on the subway

I left Gleason's Gym and got on the F train.  These days, I am wary of terrorists and give every Muslim or Muslim lookalike the eyeball. 

I am not afraid of Muslims.  I once boxed a few rounds with the world champion,  Mustafa Hamsho.  But I hate the idea of getting blown up by some deranged, ideological punk without having a chance to defend myself.

To me, terrorism is a form of revolution, the killing of innocents by self-righteous fools.  Do you think that the rabble who chopped off Marie Antoinette's head were productive, gentle people?

Juan Williams on Fox News said that he was afraid of Muslims on a plane, and he lost his job at PBS.  It's a joke that PBS would fire liberal Juan.  Juan is so liberal that a Muslim would hate him for his extreme licentiousness.

Muslims hate loosey-goosey liberals.  I know every secular word Juan says before he says it.  He's a dull tool with a predictable brain.

Imagine: liberals want to be nice to Muslims, but they are so weak that strong Muslims can't stand them.

Muslims imitate the masculinity that post-WWII men portrayed in the fifties, before the effeminate hippy behavior of the sixties.

How can Muslims respect a president who wears mom jeans and encourages gay marriage and gay soldiers? 

At Broadway-Lafayette, I switched to the 6 local.  I got on the last car and looked around me.  No one looked threatening, but looks are often indicative of nothing. 

A short black saxophonist came on the train.  I don't care that he's black.  I don't care about his dangerously offending my ears with his saxophone.  He looked OK.

Then he started playing "The Star-Spangled Banner."  Who knows within our backwards country who would be offended?

In the old days, people would salute.  Not now that Obama has sometimes sided with the Muslims, the criminals in jail, the alien immigrants, the gay marriages, and those who would undermine America's exceptional character.

Obama has diluted the male-centered strength of America.  He could be a progressive marching against his own administration.  He is the foil to his own government.

In Libya, Obama led from behind.  Now he is sticking out his behind for all our enemies and inviting them to jump on his and our butts.

To my delight, no one assaulted the black saxophonist on the 6 local train.  No one was thrilled, but no one was antagonistic.   I was pleased when a heavyset white guy near me gave him a couple of dollars.

I didn't tip him.  I find music on a train an offense.  I like to read or think, not to be interrupted by amateur notes.

I got off the train at 68th Street.  I was glad to be alive.  Obama thinks I am a frightened Republican.  I am frightened that he will turn the greatest country in the world into a misogynistic playground for Neanderthal Arab men.

After everyone has called the slaughter in San Bernardino terrorism, he is still stumbling on about workplace violence.

He should stop his cowardly words.  I am sixty-eight years old, and he'd probably last about ten seconds with me in the ring.

Obama has turned the world upside-down.  He meant well.  Or he didn't mean well and pretended that he meant well.  Oh, well.  He has failed as our commander and chief and our president.

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