Maybe a little 'capitalismo' is what Latin America really needs

We just had two important elections in Latin America.    In Venezuela, the center-right opposition took over the legislature.  They plan to challenge, and perhaps reverse, President Nicolas Maduro's populism.  To be fair, there was more to that election than ideology.  In other words, corruption, crime, chaos, and simple bureaucratic arrogance were behind the anger in Venezuela.    In Argentina, newly elected President Mauricio Macri is committed to moving the country to the right and improving the damage that left-wing policies have done to Argentina.    Will the trend continue?  Yes, and my guess is that "king of crony capitalism" Brazil is next!  How can the eighth largest GPD in the world be so inefficient and corrupt?  More and more Brazilians are asking that question! I think that the Latin America middle class is finally figuring out that "populismo" is a scam and not a good economic...(Read Full Post)