Planned Parenthood imitates The Onion

Planned Parenthood has become completely unhinged, possibly as a result of achieving full federal funding in the budget just passed.  The organization tweeted an absolutely repulsive graphic bashing its “male feminist allies” for hypocrisy, despite their groveling.  The Onion could not have parodied feminism more effectively.  Men can never do enough to please their feminist overlords.

The choice of targets is instructive.  For example, this goateed Dodger fan is a house househusband of a feminist woman and does all the housework and child care.  But that’s not enough!  He needs to ignore the feeling of castration PP recognizes in the situation and behave impeccably toward women at work (when he is not being a househusband, apparently).

Gay men (“cis-gendered” – apparently transsexual gay men [not sure what that would be – someone born as a female pretending to be a man and attracted to men?] may be exempt) come under fire for verbal failures as well:

Even male behavior toward their male friends, who do not perform enough "emotional labor," comes under attack:

I am confused about what the “emotional labor” is here.  Apparently the “women in my life” should not have to deal with any troubling matters in their relationship with the feminist ally.  And men should be like women and focus on emotions.

Why on Earth would any male want to be a feminist ally?

Hat tip: Twitchy

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