Irony in the president's Sunday speech

Not to mention the "untruths" and straw men.  The speech omitted a lot and sounded tough when his policies don't work.

Irony means ignorance.  Oedipus is the prime example.  He didn't realize – he was ignorant – that he was the one who brought the plague down on Thebes, though he promised severe punishment on whoever had.  Punishment did fall – on him.  That's tragic irony. 

Col. Klink kept bragging that there had never been a successful escape from Stalag 13, but he was unaware that the prisoners could come and go as they pleased.  That's comic irony.

I can't decide which one applies to our leftist Zen Commander-in-Chief.  Comic irony from a safe distance is laughable, but tragic irony is dangerous for our nation.

It is true that we're not at war with Islam.  No one says we are.  And I'm willing to concede, however, though I've been critical of that religion's sharia laws, that terrorists put a harsh spin on Islamic teaching (harsh it may be, but it is still supported by the Quran and the traditions).  No one of note believes that we're at war with Islam.  That's a straw man.  And I for one am glad that millions of patriotic Muslim Americans reject ISIS, but has he looked at the numerous poll results that say countless Muslims here and abroad support extreme and violent measures to impose the Religion of Justice and Peace on the rest of us?

The man's a victim of his own conceit and irony.  He buys into the standard leftist claptrap that if we occupy a foreign land, then ISIS can recruit more easily.  However, Iraq was pacified before he withdrew the troops in 2012.  And now we no longer occupy Iraq, but they have recruited and launch attacks.  How does that make sense?  The only thing that motivates them is an evil religious ideology linked to Islam, because it tells them to sniff out weakness and snuff it out.  ISIS believes that the West and America are weak, so ISIS is on the attack.  Their motive has nothing to do with occupation.  Standard leftism: somehow it's our fault; we need to realize the basis thesis of the left: America the Suckiful.

He says we'll be drawn into a decade-long war.  How does he know?  Didn't he say in his press conference in Turkey that we can defeat ISIS easily enough?  Although it may seem counter-intuitive to the left, we need to plant a military base in Iraq for the next hundred years, much as we still have them in Korea, Japan, and Germany.  Our presence brings peace.  Our leading from behind brings international mayhem.

Finally, I agree with him when he says Muslim leaders here and around the globe must root out terrorist ideology.  But this goes only so far.  The truth is, Islam itself must reform, inch by inch, because the terrorists who know their religion get their inspiration from their holy book and the traditions.  So the leaders must come up with an interpretive model that leaves the numerous passages back in the seventh century.  They have expiration dates.

The president should stop lecturing us about Islam.  It is obvious to everyone but him and his devoted followers that he doesn't know what he's talking about.  That's the irony.  He doesn't know that he doesn't know things.

James Arlandson's website is Live as Free People, which is updated almost daily, and where he has posted Thirty Sharia Laws, which explains how ISIS justifies implementing its barbarity, and Time to Reform Islam