Bleeding-heart WaPo treatment of illegal alien leaves a bit out

Heaven forbid The Washington Post show a smidgen of the same bleeding-heart compassion to the victims of convicted felons instead of criminal perpetrators.

Profiled subject Rodolfo Padilla's first lawlessness from age 10 permitted him the enjoyment of the stolen hospitality of the United States. In the ensuing 37 years, in gratitude, Mr. Padilla chose to become a cocaine-peddling scourge, no doubt ruining countless lives.  One again, our society has generously granted him the boon of an early release from prison after a 7 year stint.  Apparently, America, "the land of opportunity," was not sufficient for this economic parasite to make a positive contribution.

Why this uninvited squatter living in the shadows should suddenly be thrust from obscurity into the pages of The Washington Post is no mystery.  It seems their reporters have never met anyone truly worthy of being deported.

Where is the journalistic balance of the truly victimized?  Ignored, the nameless sufferers of Mr. Padilla's actions don't even warrant a mention, let alone receive this criminal-alien's gentle and sympathetic treatment in the press.

Now, because Mr. Padilla is not an American citizen, he faces the fate of possible deportation to his birth country, Mexico, where he has no familial ties. And unlike The Washington Post's frankly tenuous connection with the truth on these matters, Mr. Padilla has a moment of clarity before bemoaning the reality of his circumstances: “I know I messed up. I know I have to face facts.” In this, he could teach the powers-that-be in the MSM a thing or two.

As Miss Manners would agree: no matter how well behaved, any guest overstaying his welcome ultimately becomes a pest to his hosts. (With the holidays upon us, observant Democrats should litmus test their in-laws.)  In any case, it is the height of hypocrisy that illegal alien “advocates” would be quoted hollering about the rights of people who, by definition, don't respect American laws in the first place. This is doubly true of Mr. Padilla who is both an illegal alien (none of this vague politically correct “undocumented migrant” nonsense) and a convicted jailbird.

It's long overdue for this birdy, like his 43,479 incarcerated fellows, to fly south (of the border) for winter. Per U.S. Sentencing Commission data, men of Mr. Padilla's caliber make up 3.5 percent of the U.S. population, but account for 16.8 percent of drug trafficking cases and 36.7 percent of all federal sentences for criminal convictions in FY 2014. And the damage this group has done to society at large is unknown.

What is clear is that The Washington Post promotes the false and irresponsible notion that this country should be left wide open to persons impossible to track in the case of illegals; impossible to vet, as in the Syrians; and anyone else with the desire and the gumption to make the trip. To these dystopian ideologues, Mr. Padilla's newly found clean living, high school equivalency and mastery of the guitar are more than sufficient reasons to allow any perpetual law-breaker second chances to remain. 

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