Trump is Kirk and Obama is Picard

I was watching Donald Trump speak, and suddenly I had a flashback to the Star Trek episode "Bread and Circuses," where Claudius Marcus tells Kirk, "You're a Roman, Kirk, or you should have been."  Marcus had been trying to break Kirk down by sending Spock and McCoy to fight in gladiator games.

Claudius Marcus: Admit it.  You find these games frightening, revolting.

Capt. Kirk: Proconsul, in some parts of the galaxy, I have seen forms of entertainment that makes this look like a folk dance.

Kirk talked tough and was full of confidence.  Just like Trump.  Trump names the enemy, radical Islam, and says we're going to go after them with everything we have.  He's high-energy and aggressive.  When he is held prisoner on a planet of thinly disguised barbaric Arab tribesmen, and the Klingons call for him to be killed, his response is:

Kirk: Or let the Klingon and me fight. It might amuse you.

...and later...

Kirk: One of us must get the Klingon.

Spock: Revenge, Captain?

Kirk: Why not?

This is Donald Trump talking about bombing ISIS.  This is Donald Trump talking about going a step beyond waterboarding with terrorists.  This is Donald Trump talking about taking the oil as payment for our money and our soldiers' lives.

Obama, however, is like Jean-Luc Picard.  He's always diplomatic, always lowering the tone, always avoiding confrontation, which, ironically, is viewed as a weakness and often leads to confrontation.  In a confrontation with the Romulans, when the Romulans talk threateningly, Picard meekly responds:

Picard: Commander, we have made some progress here. Let's not ruin that with unnecessary posturing.

In another episode, when the Romulans attack his ship, Picard actually says:

Worf: Direct hit, sir. Our shields are weakening.

Picard: Warn them we'll return fire.

Just as Obama drops leaflets warning ISIS before bombing strikes.

Picard is never a good wartime Captain.  He simply doesn't understand the enemy or have the aggressiveness to take the battle to them.  That's what we have.  Picard as president.  Mush.

But when I hear  Trump speak, and I listen to his tone, and I look at his hair, I find myself thinking, "Kirk is back."

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.