Hillary can't discuss abused women without discussing Bill's women

As we've grown accustomed to, Mr. Trump has once again put a topic on the political table that no other GOP candidate would dare approach.  I know that Senator Rand Paul mentioned this a few months ago, but he can't get on TV as easily as Mr. Trump does.  Once again, it's Trump forcing us to talk about an uncomfortable issue, from illegal immigrants to refugees to President Clinton's women.

Just read an interesting point by Ruth Marcus about the Clinton-Trump feud:

Trump has smeared women because of their looks. 

Clinton has preyed on them, and in a workplace setting where he was by far the superior. 

That is uncomfortable for Clinton supporters but it is unavoidably true.

Ruth Marcus is right on.

During the entire Lewinsky episode, I kept waiting for a feminist to say: "Sorry, Mr. President, but we can't take it anymore."

Maybe one said it, but I don't remember. Instead, I remember excuses and blaming the GOP, with Hillary Clinton using the loudest megaphone.  I came to the conclusion that the feminist movement would support any man as long as he supported abortion.     

Frankly, I'd rather talk about ISIS, Russia, China's naval expansion, and the refugee crisis.  However, it is ridiculous to give Mrs. Clinton a pass on her husband's treatment of women.  Also, Mrs. Clinton was the enabler.  She defended Mr. Clinton.  She put up with his humiliating behavior.  Again, she can't have it both ways anymore.

Yes, Mr. Clinton's women are fair game.

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