The most attention-grabbing Donald Trump insults from 2015

Here are some of the most attention-getting Donald Trump insults from 2015, as compiled by the Washington Post (undoubtedly a lowlife newspaper, filled with dummies who are embarrassed to be seen in public!).

1) The Associated Press: Extremely dishonest reporting!  Fictional garbage!

2) Jeb Bush: A basket case!  Dumb as a rock!  Can't negotiate his way out of a paper bag!  Totally lost! His family is so ashamed.

3) Hillary Clinton: Corrupted!  Crook!  Disloyal!  Liar!  The worst secretary of state in history!  Weak and ineffective!  No strength, no stamina!  She got schlonged!

4) Carly Fiorina: Look at that face!  Would anyone vote for that?

5) Lindsey Graham: A total lightweight!  What a stiff!

6) Iowans: How stupid are the people of Iowa?

7) John Kasich: Dummy!  Pathetic!  No imagination!  Can't debate!  One of the worst presidential candidates in history!  A complete and total dud!

8) Megyn Kelly: Blood coming out of her whatever!  Very bad at math!

9) Heidi Klum: No longer a 10!

10) Charles Krauthammer: Dummy!  Loser!  An overrated clown!  Highly overrated!  Pretends to be a smart guy!

11) Bill Kristol: Dopey!  Lost all credibility!  Lost all self-respect!  Embarrassed to walk down the street!

12) Obama: Weak!  Ineffective!  Worst-ever president!  Doesn't have a clue!  There's something wrong with him!

13) Rosie O'Donnell: Fat pig!  Dog!  Slob!  Disgusting animal!

14) Rand Paul: Truly weird!  Spoiled brat!  Didn't get the right gene!  Without a functioning brain!  I easily beat him at the golf course!

15) Rick Perry: He should be forced to take an IQ test!

16) Karl Rove: An irrelevant clown!  Establishment dope!  Loser!  An all-talk, no-action dummy!

17) WaPo blogger Jennifer Rubin: Low IQ!  A real dummy!  Highly untalented!  One of the dumber bloggers!

18) Marco Rubio: Very weak!  Weak like a little baby!  Clueless!  Mark Zuckerberg's personal senator!

19) Saudi billionaire Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who owns part of Fox and Fox News: Dopey prince!

20) Chuck Todd: Dummy!  Moron!  So Dishonest!  Hopeless!  Sleepy-eyed!

21) George Will: Dummy!  Dopey!  A big Iraq fool!

Exit questions:

1) Which insult above was the oddest?  I think it was either the one insulting Megyn Kelly's math skills or the one insulting Rand Paul's golf-playing abilities.

2) Which of the above people whom Trump has criticized do you think he secretly likes?

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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