MSNBC's peak leftism of 2015

We may never see another year of progressive madness like that broadcast by MSNBC in 2015.  Tired of dismal ratings (and possibly under pressure from its corporate owners at Comcast), those at the network have been implementing a turn toward hard news and away from hard left opinion programming.  Al Sharpton lost his weekday program but hangs on in the Sunday morning ratings canyon, while other lefties like Ronan Farrow, Ed Schultz, and Alex Wagner lost their shows entirely.

Thankfully, Melissa Harris Perry, the goddess of progressive inanity, still has her weekend show and continues to amuse us.

So savor the worst moments broadcast by MSNC in 2015, as compiled by David Rutz of the Washington Free Beacon.  Unless George Soros buys Al Jazeera America, in a bankruptcy auction following a massive libel judgment awarded to Payton Manning, and converts it back to Current TV, we may never see this level of deranged leftism again in one year.

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