Whoops! Texas state troopers classifying Hispanics as white

Whoops! Texas state troopers during traffic stops have listed large numbers of Hispanics – including those with swarthy skin and Spanish surnames who speak only Spanish – as being white. The disingenuous record-keeping is described in an online article, “Texas troopers ticketing Hispanic drivers as white," which was published on Saturday by feisty Austin news channel KXAN.   KXAN reporters Brian Collister and Joe Ellis said they had “uncovered the discrepancies while reviewing more than 16 million DPS traffic citation records dating back to 2010.”   And to drive home that point, their in-depth article included a collage of 25 mug shots of people who obviously weren't white – yet who state police had identified as white. “Are these people white?” the article asked. Among several outrageous examples of Hispanics being categorized as white was the case of Pastor Gonzalez Sosa, who was pulled over earlier...(Read Full Post)