Carson Unbound

Now that the media has been routed in its attempt to take down the uppity Dr. Ben Carson, It appears that the fallback position is that Carson “lost it” while refuting the West Point “exposé”.

The incident in question is the press conference the Dr. Carson gave this past Friday to answer Politico’s bogus accusation that he’d “lied” in his memoirs concerning an offer to attend the military academy. The network mutants are in transparent feral mode as they attempt their tried and true badger-the-victim tactic:

Here’s how RealClearPolitics describes the scene:

After taking questions for about seven minutes, Carson (for lack of better words) snaps, yelling and mocking reporters in a manic tone: "Obama goes to Occidental college, doesn't do well, somehow ends up at Columbia University, I dunno? Why?"

Clearly, nothing of the sort happens here. Dr. Carson merely raises his voice slightly to be heard over the tumult of the journalistic Legion spewing pea soup and turning their heads 360˚. (While it could be argued that raising his voice a hair above a normal tone does in fact represent manic raving in someone as soft-spoken as Carson, no such contention is attenpted here.) He’s simply trying to make his point above all the squeaks and howls.

And it works. The questions immediately shift to other subjects, with only a couple of half-hearted efforts to return to the original bear-trap queries. In particular, note the final whine “Why should we believe you?” Why should a legacy media journalist believe somebody. Think about that for a minute. Lack of self-awareness on this level is difficult to credit – but it’s all too typical of millennial media.

All this was a cynical attempt to create a win/win situation for the media – if the original accusation sticks, fine. But if it doesn’t, turn instead to making the candidate look foolish in his rebuttal. Carson threw it back in their faces in textbook fashion. This video should be closely studied by all GOP candidates along with such figures as McCain and Ryan. But it won’t be.

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