The Obamization of the military, pt. 243

It appears that the New Military is using the campaign against ISIS as an opportunity to rewrite the rules of war – and not in favor of the West. According to Bridget Johnson of PJ Media, actions taken by U.S. forces in the wake of the Paris massacre include an effort to interdict ISIS oil tanker traffic.  U.S. aerial assets carried this out by bombarding the trucks with leaflets warning drivers that an air strike would follow within forty-five minutes.  What followed was, evidently, not air strikes at all, but low-level buzzing by U.S. Navy fighter-bombers.  (Consider for a minute what the pilots must have thought.) It’s difficult to know what’s more astonishing about this: the fact that it’s taken over a year for the Central Command to move against ISIS’s major source of revenue, or the delight that military spokesmen have taken in this ineffectual, empty operation. You see, the important thing isn’t hurting ISIS. No...(Read Full Post)