My introduction to Muslim migration to Germany in the '70s

When my newlywed wife and I took a bus from Istanbul to Munich in 1972, we were surprised to see that almost all of our fellow travelers were Turkish workmen.  We discovered that Germans were looking for cheap labor, and the Turks were filling these spots.

We were young, naïve, and liberal, and we felt that the Germans were doing a good thing.  We didn’t stop to think how these Muslim fundamentalists would fit in with modern Munich.  This was a couple of months before the Palestinians massacred the Israeli Olympic team.

The workers on our bus were not Palestinians.  But when you import people who can’t assimilate, they self-detonate.

So forty-three years later ISIS goes on a killing frenzy in Paris.  And Merkel calls for tolerance after the jihadi attack.   

Like feckless Obama, she says, “Let’s give the terrorists the answer by living our values confidently.”  Easy for her to say when her values led to the deaths of over one hundred and twenty-nine innocent people.  Also like Obama, she does not refer to the terrorists as Islamic.

When you don’t call a spade a spade, you can’t have a royal black flush. You have a gentle losing hand.  You are running out of defensive chips.  You are surrendering your seat at the table.

A few hours before the Paris disaster, Obama said to George Stephanopoulos that ISIS has been contained.

This is stupidly  reminiscent of his statement that al-Qaeda is on the run.  He should have said all radical Islam is on the run instead of al-Qaeda is on the run, but he refuses to admit that there is such a thing as generic radical Islam.

I suppose it wouldn’t really matter, because radical Islam is not on the run.  It is running after us, not hiding.

It’s embarrassing that our commander-in-chief said that ISIS is contained  just hours before the worst attack in Paris since WWII.

Obama further said that ISIS has not gained ground in Iraq.  But it has gained ground and followers in Iraq and Syria.  And it has piled up dead bodies in Paris.

ISIS fighters are entering Europe, and the Europeans will enjoy a migration of Muslim killers along with innocent people.  If you have one Islamic radical for every refugee, Paris will burn.

That doesn’t stop liberal Obama.  He wants to let Syrian refugees into America.  He wants to risk our lives for the sake of saving strangers.  Hasn’t he ever heard of borders, of country, of family?

The Muslims are shouting Allah akbar while they shoot up six locations in Paris.  This just a few hours after Obama says that al-Qaeda is on the run.

It seems that one of the Muslim terrorists was a Syrian refugee.  And Obama wants to start by letting 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States.  Why not just hand them the knives?

Maybe Sharon Tate should have invited Manson’s stooges into her house.  They came in anyhow.  She really should have had a gun and shot them.

Owning firearms is almost impossible in France.  Democrats are trying to make it the same way here.  Bravo, Hillary and Obama.  Good work in your fight against allowing good people to own guns.  Leave our children defenseless while Muslim radicals proliferate.

Maybe before this Muslim madness, some restrictions on guns would have been sensible. Not now.

Hollande said, “We are at war.”  How do you go to war without guns?

Hollande and Obama have fought against Islamophobia and anti-Muslim rhetoric instead of jihadists.  As a result, they have encouraged a war.  They have taken the enemies’ sides.  Political correctness leads to our failure to protect ourselves.

Our death be not proud.  It is the foolishness of self-surrender, weakness, and civilizational decay.

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