Ted Cruz proposes eliminating Energy, HUD, Commerce, Education, IRS

It's sad watching most Republican candidates promise to make cuts in federal spending without ever actually telling us where the cuts would occur.  They mention some big number and then promise us that over eight or ten years it would be cut.  But their claims have about as much credibility as Carly Fiorina's vague tax plan, which is mysteriously floating somewhere on YouTube. All that changed last night, however, when Ted Cruz called for the elimination of the Departments of Energy, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Commerce, and Education, as well as the IRS.  The liberal media will be focusing on the fact that he mentioned eliminating Commerce twice.  I prefer to focus on the merits of what he has announced. The Department of Energy.  We have a Department of Energy that generates no energy.  Instead, the DOE distributes nearly $30 billion (as of 2012) to research "clean" energy.  In other words, it's a slush fund for...(Read Full Post)