Chicago archbishop apologizes to kids for gun availability

In what appears to be a veiled attempt to exploit the tragic and cold-blooded murder of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee of Chicago -- targeted because of his father’s gang affiliation – Roman Catholic Archbishop Blase Cupich has apologized to children for the widespread availability of guns.

From ABC7 Chicago:

On Tuesday night, Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich released a condolence letter that read in part: ‘I want to say something directly to Tyshawn's classmates and childhood friends. I am concerned about you... As an adult, I apologize to all of you. You all deserve better from us who are adults. And I am ashamed that we have failed you.’

Here’s another sentence from Cupich’s letter:

You have every reason to hold us accountable to do everything to make guns harder to obtain, and to put an end to the cycle of violence that is spinning out of control.

In his letter, Cupich curiously omits any mention of the gang culture (and its code of silence) in the inner city that’s responsible for so much bloodshed.

Look, I have no problem with commonsense gun restrictions, but who really believes that these thugs obtain their guns through legal means?  They almost certainly don’t.

Thus, how does creating more gun control legislation – making guns “harder to obtain,” as Cupich writes – solve the problem of inner-city violence?  The thugs will continue to obtain their weapons illegally from the same people who provide them with illegal narcotics and whatever else they’re involved in.

More police, perhaps?  Heck no, because they commit genocide, according to liberal priest-activist Father Michael Pfleger.

Inner-city violence has been a terrible plague for a long time.  There’s no easy solution.  It’s something deeply embedded in an immoral culture that’s essentially off limits to criticism from anyone except liberal Democrats (and maybe a few liberal Republicans), who – if they criticize it at all – blame the violence on what they perceive as a lack of gun control laws.

Kinda like asserting that AIDS is spread through lack of funding.