Play about Trump a big hit in Mexico

It had to happen.   Donald Trump is now a big hit down in Mexico, or the subject of a play: "Sons of Trump" is an adaptation of a show called "Brokers," written by a Spanish comedy troupe, that skewers the lives of the super-rich.  The actors involved are all quick to point out that they aren't representing the antics of the real-life Donald or pursuing an explicitly political agenda. "This is a social critique, in general, of the elitists," said Freddy Ortega, German's brother and fellow long-time television comedian, who also stars in the show.  But the oversized Trump face beaming from billboards and the theater marquee hasn't hurt interest.  "It's had a marvelous result." I have not seen the play, but it is probably rather funny.  After all, what U.S. presidential candidate has ever inspired a play?  I can't think of one!  I'm sure that Mr. Trump loves the...(Read Full Post)