Mattel satirizes homosexuals with boy Barbie doll ad

Mattel has an unintentionally hysterical ad showing a young boy dressed up and talking like a stereotypical homosexual pining for a Barbie doll.  The boy, who looks much too young to even understand what anal intercourse with another man could entail, has bright blonde dyed hair, heavily gelled, that comes down over the forehead.  His head bobs while he talks, and he even has a lisp.  "Moschino Barbie, it's so fierce!" he says.  He's even wearing a pimp-like zebra print outfit.

The ostensible purpose of the ad is to show that boys can like Barbie dolls, too.  But they made this little boy into such a laughable parody of homosexuals that it looks like a white version of the old In Living Color "Men on Films," where Damon Wayans parodies the way that gays talk.

That was then...

...and this is now.  You go, girl!  I mean...boy!  Or whatever you are!


What the ad ends up doing is playing into the stereotype that homosexual men like girl things because they want to be girls.  It blurs the entire line between being gay and being so-called "transgendered."  And yet the mainstream media totally misses the point by hailing this flaming gay boy as trailblazing:

It's no secret boys like Barbie too, and we don't blame them! I mean, who wouldn't want to play with the new Moschino doll they recently rolled out? ...  He's about to be a heart breaker when he grows up, don't you think? 

A heartbreaker?  To whom – women, or men?

You may wonder why Mattel didn't opt to show an otherwise normal boy playing with Barbies.  I think there would have simply been too much suspension of disbelief.  That's why they started with this gelled, lisping version of Macaulay Culkin.  They're trying to turn our kids into sissies, just as children's cartoons and fairy tales are being used to promote homosexuality to the youngest of the young.

Exit questions:

1) Are the parents who put their child up to this guilty of child abuse?

2) What would you do if your son started to lisp and act like "flaming Macaulay"?  Would you say it is okay, or would you try to teach him to be more like a man?

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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