Play about Trump a big hit in Mexico

It had to happen.   Donald Trump is now a big hit down in Mexico, or the subject of a play:

"Sons of Trump" is an adaptation of a show called "Brokers," written by a Spanish comedy troupe, that skewers the lives of the super-rich. 

The actors involved are all quick to point out that they aren't representing the antics of the real-life Donald or pursuing an explicitly political agenda.

"This is a social critique, in general, of the elitists," said Freddy Ortega, German's brother and fellow long-time television comedian, who also stars in the show. 

But the oversized Trump face beaming from billboards and the theater marquee hasn't hurt interest. 

"It's had a marvelous result."

I have not seen the play, but it is probably rather funny.  After all, what U.S. presidential candidate has ever inspired a play?  I can't think of one!  I'm sure that Mr. Trump loves the big marquee and all of the attention that he is getting.

There is also a lot of interest in the Mexican media about Mr. Trump's new book, especially his comments about increasing border crossing fees, impounding remittances, and the border wall that Mexico will pay for.  

Mexicans usually follow our elections from a distance.  However, they are tuned in to Mr. Trump like never before.

The interest in Trump may also be an indication of the reality that he might win.

I keep telling my Mexican friends that I would prefer someone other than Trump.  At the same time, I remind them that any GOP candidate is a better ption for US-Mexico issues.  The Democrat (Hillary Clinton) will just tell them what they want to hear and then do nothing, as we saw with President Obama.

I can't wait to see the play live, or perhaps on the internet.  Trump in Spanish should be a blast!

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