Vetting? You don't got to steenking vetting...for anyone

Most everyone who talks – still – about "vetting the refugees" is talking volumes of spacious superheated atmosphere.

Hot air is all that is. 

Especially coming from the White House.  But even coming from the ranks of Rubio or Jeb.  Ain't no way in heck that is true.

When we were vetted for entry into the Air Force, it took several months, a load of men assigned to us, and the provocation and annoyance of friends, relatives, and acquaintances for weeks.  The process was lengthy and in-depth – usurped male labor better used elsewhere – but it did the job.  And that is for people without any criminal record of any kind, anything even resembling a DUI or parking infraction.  Or even a tiny jaywalking offense.  Plus all the citizenship papers and background data and paperwork one could wish in the world.

And these D.C. folks are talking about vetting men without documentation of any kind – no passport, no visa, no money, without a job history, a school record, or any corroboration other than the career liars (sorry, but fact is fact) among the "refugees" themselves and their maybe relatives, and the equally untrustworthy words of the hallowed U.N.?

Moreover, with the crush of myriads pressing to immigrate ASAP: within what time-frame of fantasy, hm?

None of these sturdy men of robust health and chest expansion, between kickass and jump-your-sister, could possibly have other agenda, could they, now?

Who is kidding whom?

Does the establishment of pathetic "vetting centers" in various hotspots abroad speed the real vetting process – parallel to the thoroughgoing investigation of people who are American citizens, who have open school records and a job history that could be easily checked?  There is absolutely no way the hybrid in the White house can guarantee a single person, let alone thousands of hijrah-bent pretenders from "Syria" or who-knows-where.

To pretend that they can, with the tiny allotment of personnel and resources destined for this gargantuan task, is another insult to the voting polity who have an IQ above room temperature in the dead of winter in the land of the Inuit.

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