Move over, trans people: Here come the zombies

There is a new rights movement creeping up on you, or at least there should be by the standards of today’s postmodern liberal society: the zombie rights movement.  If you thought zombies were an improbable facet of Haitian voodoo beliefs, or the flesh-eating ghouls invented forty year ago by George Romero, think again.  Zombies are real, or at least people who really, truly, honestly believe that they are zombies are real.  Just as there are men who really, truly, honestly believe that they are women, and vice versa.  In fact, the mental disorder even has a name, Cotard Syndrome.  Like transsexualism, it affects only a tiny proportion of society, but that doesn’t mean the folks who suffer from it ought not have their delusion indulged.  In fact, it should be a matter of right. Similar to transsexuals, zombies suffer from a kind of psychological body dysmorphia.  Where a transsexual believes he should have a vagina where his penis...(Read Full Post)