We are angry

We are angry at the incitement and the violence perpetrated by all factions of the Palestinians against us.

We are angry at the lies that we are destroying their mosque while they are burning down our Jewish holy shrines.

We are angry at the international condemnation of a crime we haven’t committed and silence about the crimes that they have.

We are angry at the slaughter of our people whom the media fail to identify as Jews in their haste to name Palestinians killed without mentioning they were carrying out mayhem and murder.

We are angry at the BDS haters whose real aim is assisting in the planned elimination of our country – a hate crime that goes unrecognized by a naïve world.

We are angry at all the United Nations’ institutes that collaborate with the Palestinian plan to eliminate our country while hitting Israel at every opportunity.

We are angry at European governments for their moral equivalency that compares our defensive efforts with Palestinian terrorism that employs everything from knives to rockets in their fervor to kill Jews and to remove the Jewish presence from the region.

We are angry at the European Union, who, even as we are being chased by knife-wielding Palestinian Arabs through our streets, rewards their terror by shamefully introducing a labeling sanction on Jewish products – a discriminatory double standard they fail to apply against countries who have stolen territory from other nations.

We are angry that liberal democracies fail to stand with the only liberal democracy in a dangerous and deadly region.

Israelis are angry because we see that the world has learned nothing from their past, and that we Jews still have to depend only on ourselves to survive.