Husband of Hillary Clinton receives curious award from curious source

On Monday, Nov. 23, in Lawrence, Kansas, a curious thing happened: the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics awarded its 2015 Dole Leadership Prize to none other than...former president Bill Clinton.  At the institute's website, we read: "The Dole Leadership Prize is awarded annually to an individual or group whose public service leadership inspires others." On Nov. 24, in its wood pulp version, the Kansas City Star ran "Clinton praises bipartisanship" by Bryan Lowry, which was posted online the night before as "Bill Clinton praises Bob Dole, bipartisanship in speech at KU."  The link has a short video that might be of interest, and this might amuse: Stephonn Alcorn, a junior studying finance who is involved in KU's student government, said "for what we're dealing with on campus and in the student Senate, his conversation couldn't have been any more timely." Three of KU's student leaders are facing...(Read Full Post)