A meaningful Thanksgiving poll

I'll wager that most readers here at American Thinker are just as fed up with meaningless polls as I am.  You probably hang up on the endless callers wanting just a few minutes of your time to conduct yet another survey, don't you?  And the result of all this endless polling is that every day of the week, the American public is subjected to the publication and broadcasting of multiple polls telling us that this person leads or that person's numbers are climbing/declining; Americans love/hate guns; Syrian refugees should be accepted/rejected, on and on until it all blends together into media blather.

Remember when you actually paid attention to the results of a Gallup Poll?  Now you hardly ever hear of Gallup; there are so many polling agencies feeding their confusing results into the media stream that it is impossible to keep track of who polled what

With all that being considered, I've decided to ask AT's editor, Thomas Lifson, in the spirit of the season, to allow me to use his conservative flagship for the purpose of conducting a truly meaningful poll that should generate record-setting results for this format.  It is a simple, single-sentence poll with a simple yes-or-no response.  If you're reading this, then Mr. Lifson has shown his usual generosity and approved my poll.  Are you ready?  Here it is:

Should the American people pardon the turkey in the White House?

Please register your vote in the comments section; commentary regarding your vote is encouraged, but please keep profane and scatological embellishments to a minimum.

Thank you for these few moments of your time.